Monday, January 13, 2014

Song #36 On My MP3 Player - Black Coffee In Bed by Squeeze

The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll has returned! I couldn't walk away from this music blog, so one of my 2014 resolution's is to get this blog back up and running. 

This is the second song by Squeeze on my MP3 player and it is a longtime favorite. 'Black Coffee In Bed' is the seventh track on the band's 1982 album Sweets from a Stranger. It's a little known Cliff Clavin fact that Elvis Costello and Paul Young provide the "Out with a friend" backing vocals during the chorus of this song.

I first heard 'Black Coffee in Bed' while watching MTV during the early 80's and I instantly liked the song. As time went on, I forgot about 'Black Coffee In Bed' until '95 or '96 when I discovered that one of my college roommates owned Squeeze's Singles - 45's and Under. I borrowed the CD and was reconnected to some of their best songs like "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)" and "Black Coffee In Bed".

It has been ages since I have watched the video and it's a pretty good effort for the low budget early 80's days of music videos. Glenn Tilbrook, the lead singer, serves as the narrator for a story of young love torn apart by infidelity. My MP3 player has plenty of 80's pop gems and this a good one so enjoy!

TonyDoug Wright is the Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. He has a very cool comic book website titled Champion City Comics.

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