Monday, January 13, 2014

A Case of the Mondays: Living After Midnight by Judas Priest

This is a new feature at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll where I pick a song that will pump you up for the crummiest day of the week. My first selection for this series is 'Living After Midnight' by Judas Priest. This is the seventh song on the band's 1980 album British Steel. You can't go wrong with Judas Priest when it comes to finding a song to get you pumped up and ready for Monday.

This is the first song I ever heard from Judas Priest. It was 1990 and my guitar instructor asked if I wanted to learn 'Living After Midnight' by Judas Priest. I admitted that I didn't know the song and he decided it was time to get me introduced to Judas Priest. You truly can not go wrong with this song, so go ahead and click the video below and may your day get better.

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