Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guilty Pleasure Tuesday: Funplex by The B-52's

This is a new feature at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Tuesday's are my days to share with the readers some of my guilty pleasures in music. The first selection for Guilty Pleasure Tuesday is 'Funplex' by The  B-52's. This song is the fifth track on their 2008 album titled Funplex.

My wife is a huge fan of The B-52's and she has me hooked on their music. Most of their music. 'Rock Lobster' still freaks me out for some reason. 'Funplex' has been stuck in my head recently by The B-52's and the icing on the cake, as always, is the vocals of Fred Schneider who delivers one of his best lines ever when he says, "Faster Pussycat! Thrill! Thrill! I'm at the mall on a diet pill". This is pop music brilliance right here, kids. Enjoy the video below which features Fred raising hell in mall while using a Segway.

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