Friday, January 17, 2014

Song #40 On My MP3 Player - Brand New Love by Superchunk

Superchunk's cover of Sebadoh's 'Brand New Love' is the fortieth song on my MP3 player. Superchunk's version is the thirteenth track on their 1991 album Tossing Seeds (Singles '89-'91).

I had a decent collection of Guided By Voices bootlegs and rarities tapes during the mid to late 1990's, so there were people on the Guided By Voices mailing list willing to trade me a mixtape for a copy of a bootleg or rarities tape. Someone sent me a mixtape with 'Brand New Love' by Superchunk on it and I was really impressed with the song despite the fact that the quality of the mixtape was poor. I was familiar with Superchunk at the time and I decided to find a better quality version of the song on CD.

Sebadoh is a band that I like, but Superchunk's version of 'Brand New Love' blows Lou Barlow and company out of the water. Enjoy!

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