Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Song #48 On My MP3 Player - 'Can't Hardly Wait' (Tim Demo) by The Replacements

I have decided to share with the Lost Soul faithful every song that is stored on my MP3 player which is a Philips GoGear Vibe 4G model. All posts are in alphabetical order. Song #48 on my MP3 player is the Tim demo version of 'Can't Hardly Wait' by The Replacements which is the opening track on the second disc their 1997 compilation album All For Nothing/Nothing For All.

The Replacements are one of my favorite bands of all time and lead singer Paul Westerberg is one of my favorite songwriters. My good friend Ryan Dellwood introduced me to the greatness that is The Replacements and I have been a fan since the early 90's. Over the years, I have acquired some Replacements albums, bootlegs, demos, and outtakes. Their Tim demo of 'Can't Hardly Wait' is on my MP3 player because I like it more than the studio version from Pleased to Meet Me. This demo version is not as polished but it really rocks. I've included the Pleased to Meet Me version of 'Can't Hardly Wait' for you to compare and discuss.

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