About Lost Soul

My name is TonyDoug and a good friend once referred to me as a lost soul of rock and roll. I have been a fan of rock and roll music for over thirty five years and am a fan of rock, hard rock, heavy metal, garage rock, British Invasion, psychedelic, punk, rap, hip-hop, country, indie rock, and everything else under the rock and roll umbrella.

I've wanted to develop a rock and roll blog for years and am very pleased to share this site with the world. This site is updated Monday to Friday and please note that Lost Soul of Rock and Roll is about rock and roll from a fan's perspective. Countless blogs, websites, magazines, documentaries, novels, 'zines, and fan sites are dedicated to the artists, but this site is about how rock and roll has been the soundtrack of my life. The posts will give readers the opportunity to see where I was physically and emotionally when I connected with certain artists.

I do not believe in a holier-than-thou approach, plus hipster irony and albums awarded a 6.2 are not allowed. I'm here to rock. Enjoy.

TonyDoug Wright
Somewhere in the Midwest USA

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