Monday, September 9, 2013

Song #35 On My MP3 Player - Bittersweet by The Hoodoo Gurus

The 39th song on my MP3 player is 'Bittersweet' by The Hoodoo Gurus. This song was released in 1985 and is the opening track on Mars Needs Guitars! 

My friend Ryan Dellwood introduced me to the Hoodoo Gurus back in the day. He put 'Come Anytime' on a mix tape and I wanted to hear more songs from this Australian rock band. I knew this guy named Big Daddy from a Guided by Voices mailing list and he was a big fan of the Hoodoo Gurus. He knew I was interested in learning more about the band so Big Daddy made me a killer Hoodoo Gurus mix tape and I discovered many great tunes like 'Bittersweet'.

This is definitely one of those college rock songs that speaks to the twentysomething dudes. They may have just been dumped or are holding a torch for a former girlfriend. Those dudes need an anthem. One day a Ryan Dellwood or a Big Daddy comes along and drops some Hoodoo Gurus into their world. All is well. All is great.

TonyDoug Wright is The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll.

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