Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Song #32 On My MP3 Player - Bad Luck by Social Distortion

'Bad Luck' is the second track on Social Distortion's 1992 album Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, which was a great follow-up to the band's 1990 album titled Social Distortion. Social Distortion is a band from Southern California and their career has spanned four decades.

Music is a great stress reliever and 'Bad Luck' is a song I need to hear when I'm having one of those days when nothing is going according to plan. This is one of those songs that I liked back in the day, but somehow forgot about it for some reason. I heard it on the radio circa 2003 and I realized that I forgot that I actually liked Social Distortion. 'Ball and Chain' and 'Story of My Life' are cool songs, but 'Bad Luck' is my jam.

I teach a class on rock and roll history, and my students have a weekly assignment where they review ten random songs. Last year I asked the students to review 'Bad Luck' and a majority of them ripped the song to shreds. I recall a few reviews said the song was "bad 90's music". That's straight up hatin', folks. This is a good song! Enjoy!

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