Thursday, September 5, 2013

Song #33 On My MP3 Player - Best Thing by Bob Mould

Happy Thursday, everyone! 'Best Thing' is the eighth track on Bob Mould's 2005 solo album titled Body of Song. It is the song of the day at The Lost Soul of Rock & Roll, and it is song #33 on my MP3 player.

I'm a fan of Bob Mould's work with Husker Du, Sugar, and as a solo artist. He has a great catalog of music for people who love rock, hard rock, and punk. Mould is also a great acoustic performer as well and I encourage people to see him perform acoustically because he is amazing.

Some Mould fans have been critical of his solo efforts because they claim the work is not as good as anything he did with Husker Du and Sugar. I disagree. Mould's solo work is very good and 'Best Thing' is a fine example of a great Mould solo song. If you are looking for an upbeat rocker with some pop goodness then you've come to the right place.

Mould's also a songwriter who loves to drop a few relationship tunes on his albums. Some are pretty depressing, but 'Best Thing' is a great "f--k you" song for people who have tried and tried to show someone that they are a damn good catch, but they go off and date a total tool. Enjoy!

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