Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Song #27 On My MP3 Player - Awkward Age by Joe Jackson

'Awkward Age' is song #27 on my MP3 player and I have the live version from the 2004 album AfterLife. The studio version of 'Awkward Age' is on the 2003 album, Volume 4 by the Joe Jackson Band.

Joe Jackson is a great singer, songwriter, musician, and author. Look Sharp! was his 1979 debut and since then he has released sixteen studio albums, two soundtrack albums, and nine live albums. His songs vary in style from pop to rock to punk to new wave to jazz. Joe is the man and my MP3 player has some of my personal favorites from Mr. Jackson.

'Awkward Age' is on my MP3 player because no matter your age there are parties you are not invited to and cliques you really want to avoid. As an adult I believe I am wiser than I was when I was a teen, but I find myself making the same mistakes I did when I was younger. 'Awkward Age' is one of those songs I play when I am having one of those days and it is fitting that this is my song of the day.

Earlier today I read a post on Facebook about the death of Neil Armstrong, and I was surprised to learn of his death. Why wasn't it on the news? Only one person was upset over Armstrong's death? I posted something on Facebook about his death only to find out that Armstrong died last year. It was embarrassing because I thought he recently died and my wife was one of the first people to inform me of my gaffe. 'Awkward Age' indeed.

However, this article proves that I am not the only one confused about Armstrong's death.

I do not have the AfterLife version of 'Awkward Age' available for today's post, but I found a live version that is very good. Enjoy.

TonyDoug Wright is The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. He is a little bit wiser about dead astronauts.

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