Friday, August 16, 2013

Song #20 On My MP3 Player - All Right Now by Free

It's classic rock time, boys and girls. 'All Right Now' was a 1970 hit for Free, a UK band featuring Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke who would later go on a form Bad Company. This is the twentieth song on my MP3 player and it is the song of the day at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll.

Ryan Dellwood was a friend of mine in high school and he was annoyed that I was a major fan of classic rock. Dellwood truly hated the album oriented rock sounds of the 1970s', so it must have boiled his blood when I jotted down some of the lyrics to Free's 'All Right Now' on his folder. Little did I know at the time that I had started Dellwood's musical crusade to save my soul from 1970's album oriented rock.

I had the same homeroom with Dellwood during my senior year of high school. A few days after the Free notebook incident he asked me to borrow his copy of Rank by The Smiths. Rank was a live album released in 1988 and it was one of Dellwoods favorite albums at the time. This casual request was nothing more than Dellwood's way of introducing me to music he viewed as superior to classic rock. I was annoyed that Dellwood was giving me a tape of crummy college music. Dellwood liked The Smiths, The Cure, and The Cocteau Twins. I liked bands that rocked like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, and Floyd. I politely took the tape and placed it in my backpack where it stayed for a week or two.

As the week or two passed, Dellwood asked for his tape. I returned it during homeroom and he asked me what songs I liked on Rank. I didn't listen to the damn tape. I didn't want to hear some music I viewed as whiny and pretentious. For some reason I told Dellwood that the tape was "OK", but he really wanted to know what songs I liked. Dellwood wouldn't shut up about that damn album, so I fed him some bullshit answers.

There are times when I play 'All Right Now' and think of Dellwood. We're still friends and from time to time he'll give me grief for liking classic rock. How can you not like 'All Right Now'? It's a little funk, a little bluesy, and it totally rocks.

TonyDoug Wright is the Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. He is currently a fan of The Smiths.

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  1. This specific LSoRaR entry should have been titled "All Right, How Soon Is Now?"