Monday, August 12, 2013

Song #16 On My MP3 Player - Ah! Leah! by Donnie Iris

'Ah! Leah!' was a top 40 hit in 1980 for Donnie Iris. Prior to his success with 'Ah! Leah!', Iris was a member of The Jaggerz, a band he had a top 10 hit with 'The Rapper'. Iris also spent time with Wild Cherry during their post 'Play That Funky Music' days. Iris is still in the music business and usually performs shows in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

I'm an unapologetic fan of classic rock. My MP3 player is loaded for bear with classic rock, so let this serve as a warning or as an awesome announcement. Haters can hate all they want, but 'Ah! Leah!' is a jam. You can't go wrong with Iris' amazing vocals mixed with that sweet power chord driven sound. When I first heard this song, I could not make out the 'Ah! Leah!' chorus. I thought the name of the song was something like 'Allyah', which sounded like an odd name. I had to embed the cheesy 80's video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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