Monday, August 26, 2013

Song #26 On My MP3 Player - At The Hundredth Meridian by The Tragically Hip

'At The Hundredth Meridian' is song by The Tragically Hip and it's song #26 on my MP3 player. This song is the third track on the band's 1992 album Fully Completely. 'At The Hundredth Meridian' is about the 100th meridian west, which is the line of longitude where the great plains begin.

I went to college in the Dayton, Ohio area and I would stop by a local CD store on weekends to see if I could find some cool new music. The store had a nice selection of free music publications and I would always grab a few for some weekend reading. The Dayton Voice, an alternative newspaper, was a must read, and from time to time they would have a page dedicated to concerts that were in cities like Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Detroit. The Tragically Hip were regulars in the Detroit area for shows and I wondered if they were some local band that was big in Michigan because I had never heard anything from them on the radio or on 120 Minutes.

I later discovered that The Tragically Hip were a Canadian rock band. I first heard their music in the movie The Sweet Hereafter and was hooked. Fully Completely is the only album I own by The Tragically Hip, which is a very good alternative rock album, plus I have a few songs from it on my MP3 player. A few people have referred to them as an REM wannabe band, but I disagree. The Tragically Hip has at times a folk rock sound blended with college rock, so I understand why people would compare the two bands, but there are plenty of bands that followed that formula. The Tragically Hip have a catalog that is fairly solid.

'At The Hundredth Meridian' is the song of the day at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Enjoy.

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