Monday, September 3, 2012

Do You Love Me by Kiss

This week, I am selecting songs that are considered deep cuts from my favorite artists. The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll understands that some these selections will not be considered deep cuts by the fans of these artists, but we sometimes forget that the majority of music fans out there only know the 'greatest hits'. Our song of the day for September 3, 2012 is 'Do You Love Me' by Kiss, the last track on their 1976 album, Destroyer.

Destroyer is the first album I owned, which was given to me circa 1979 as an 8-track from this hippie couple that lived across the street from my house. I will admit that I like Kiss, but am not a member of the Kiss Army. While I enjoy their tunes, I do view their material as rock and roll junk food. Sometimes you are not interested in an apple or banana, and you decide to grab some Twinkies. You can't live on Twinkies alone, but I'm doing my best to avoid some embarrassing sentence that reads, "And sometimes you have to put Kiss' Twinkies in your mouth'.

Do I think Destroyer is a good album? I like it because it is a solid rock album with the right dose of pop that still gives the album something of an edge. Kiss fans were really split on Destroyer because it was viewed as a sellout release. Let's be honest people, Kiss' albums before Destroyer were not on the same rock level as anything released by The Who, Zeppelin, or Sabbath. If I were to get someone to like Kiss then the mixtape, uh mix CD, I would create would include 'Do You Love Me', a cool glam rock track. Enjoy.

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