Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Auditorium/Motor Away by Guided by Voices

This week is the one-two punch week at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Every day this week I will select a great one-two combo where two songs have become one in the world of rock and roll. The song of the day for September 19, 2012 is 'Auditorium/Motor Away', which is featured on Guided by Voices' 1995 album Alien Lanes.

Guided by Voices, a fine rock and roll band from Dayton, Ohio, came out of nowhere in 1994 with the lo-fi Beatles inspired rocker, Bee Thousand, and then they followed up with another lo-fi masterpiece, Alien Lanes. Guided by Voices fans have and will debate which album is better, and they only thing then can agree on is the fact that both Alien Lanes and Bee Thousand are great.

'Auditorium/Motor Away' is one of a few great one-two punches from Guided by Voices. For example, Bee Thousand has 'Yours to Keep/Echos Myron' and Under The Bushes Under the Stars has 'Bright Paper Werewolves/Lord of Overstock'. However, when Guided by Voices plays 'Motor Away' live, they have usually done a one-two punch with 'The King and Caroline' instead of 'Auditorium'. While I have always enjoyed the 'King and Caroline/Motor Away' live medley, I don't recall a time when they played 'Auditorium/Motor Away'. I've decided to embed a clip of the 'Auditorium/Motor Away' video featuring future Guided by Voices member, Nate Farley, and Dayton, Ohio O-Matic rockers Scott and Michelle Bodine. The second clip is GBV's first television appearance on The Jon Stewart Show, which aired on MTV during the mid-1990s. Enjoy.

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