Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Super 70's: Queen Bitch by David Bowie

Welcome to my super 70's week. David Bowie's 'Queen Bitch' is the song of the day at the Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. This song was released in 1971 and is featured on the brilliant album Hunky Dory.

I first heard 'Queen Bitch' during the Rock and Roll documentary that aired on PBS during the mid 90's. Bowie was featured on the Wild Side series, and they played the first twenty seconds of 'Queen Bitch'. That song grabbed my attention and I had to find out the title to the song. I remember finding out that the title was 'Queen Bitch', and I thought that was perfect. Bowie was on fire during the 70's and his material from that decade is amazing. Enjoy.

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