Thursday, February 7, 2013

My 80's Jams: Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant

The 80's jams are still going strong at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Today's selection is 'Electric Avenue' by Eddy Grant. This song peaked at #2 on the US Billboard charts in 1982, but Grant had been a hit maker in England since the late 60's as a reggae/pop artist.

I've taught two classes on the history of rock and roll at a community college and I used to assign my students ten songs to review every week. 'Electric Avenue' was assigned one week and 90% of the reviews mentioned the movie Pineapple Express. It's good to know that the kids know 'Electric Avenue'. Thank you, Seth Rogen.

'Electric Avenue' is an 80's jam for me because it's new wave mixed with reggae. However, you really should listen to the lyrics because Eddy's not singing about peace and love. 'Electric Avenue' is about the 1981 Brixton Riot when British Afro-Caribbean residents took their frustrations with the economy and local police to the streets. There is an Electric Avenue in Brixton because it was the first street in the area with electric lights. Now you know and knowing is half the battle. Enjoy.  

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