Monday, February 4, 2013

My 80's Jams: Word Up by Cameo

Last week was a trip to the 90's and this week I am featuring my 80's jams. I'm not afraid to share my guilty pleasure jams with my faithful followers. The first selection is Cameo's 1986 hit, 'Word Up!'.

Cameo is a NYC band that has been active for four decades. Remember, Cameo is the name of the band and the lead singer is Larry Blackmon, not Cameo. They were originally known as the New York City Players, but changed their name to Cameo. It is rumored they changed their name in the 70's due to a lawsuit from the Ohio Players. Cameo had some R&B hits in the 70's and 80's, but 'Word Up!' is definitely their most popular song.

'Word Up!' is a funky jam. I've been a fan of this song since it was the hotness on Top 40 radio. You don't need an explanation why this song is awesome, so watch the video below and enjoy. On a side note, the word of the day at The Lost Soul of Rock & Roll is CODPIECE. 

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