Friday, February 8, 2013

My 80's Jams: Push It by Salt-N-Pepa

A week full of my 80's jams has come to a close, and my last selection is 'Push It' by Salt-N-Pepa. This was a top twenty Billboard hit in 1987 for the New York City hip-hop group. In case in hasn't sunk in, this was a hit twenty-six years ago.

Salt, Pepa, and DJ Spinderella have cranked out some jams like 'Shoop' and 'Whatta Man', but my favorite is 'Push It'. I remember when this song was popular and this kid I used to ride the bus with was not allowed to listen to the song because his grandma thought they were saying "ah, bullshit" instead of "ah, push it". Grandma must have thought Salt-N-Pepa was personally responsible for the decline of Western Civilization. Grandma was nuthin' but a hater and click the video below so you can enjoy some of the old school.

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