Friday, February 22, 2013

60's Live: Hold On, I'm Comin' - Sam and Dave

I saved the best for last for 60's Live. Hendrix setting his guitar on fire at Monterey Pop was cool, The Who blowing up their drum kit (note: start that link from the 3:18 mark) while on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was wild, and Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock is pretty damn awesome. Today I'd like to share something that I feel is criminally overlooked and that was Sam and Dave's killer performance of 'Hold On, I'm Comin' during the 1967 Stax European Tour.It is important to note that the backing band was none other than Booker T and The M.G.'s.

The reason I picked this performance is simply due to the fact that it is absolutely amazing to watch. Sam and Dave end their set brilliantly by delivering a hot rendition of 'Hold On, I'm Comin' and add some audience participation which leaves the crowd in a frenzy. This is how it's done, so all of you wanna be rockers take a cue from Sam and Dave. Enjoy.

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