Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mogwai: I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead - Song of the Day for February 27, 2013

The Song: 'I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead'

The Artist: Mogwai

Song Info: 'I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead' is featured on the 2008 album The Hawk is Howling.

Artist History: This Glasgow band has been stamped with various tags like math rock, post-rock, and instrumental rock, but Mogwai has been producing some fantastic music during their 18 year career.

Why I Picked This Song: There were four or five song of the day candidates in my head this morning as I was shoveling the snow. Then I went to work and all of those song choices got deleted. I couldn't decide on a song of the day, so I went over to YouTube to find something cool to post to The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. For some reason I did a search for Mogwai and found the song 'I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead'. This is a really nice instrumental and Mogwai is the right kind of music for me when I'm doing work at the computer. Mogwai is a band that I first heard back in '98 or '99 and I thought they were terrible. Don't ask me why. I've grown to like Mogwai and I hope you enjoy today's song.

Download The Song: Click here to download the song from!

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