Monday, October 1, 2012

The Hardest Button to Button by The White Stripes

October is Rocktober at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll, so get ready for one rockin' month. In case you are wondering, I will continue to have a weekly theme, and this week's theme is Detroit Rock City. I'm going to select my favorite songs from artists from the Motor City, and the song of the day for October 1, 2012 is 'The Hardest Button to Button' by The White Stripes. This song is featured on their 2003 album, Elephant.

In my opinion, Detroit is THE city for producing rock and roll greats. New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston have rich traditions as well, but it is tough to beat Detroit. The amount of talent on the Motown label alone beats all of the previously listed cities. Don't be a hater because you know I'm right.

My first selection is 'The Hardest Button to Button' by The White Stripes. What? I didn't select 'Detroit Rock City' as my first selection? I'd like to set the record straight and inform you that Kiss is not from Detroit. Although they wrote and recorded a song called 'Detroit Rock City', it does not mean they are representing the Motor City. Kiss is straight out of New York City.  Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

Mainstream rock has been awful over the past decade, but The White Stripes kept the genre respectable. Jack and Meg are kickin' out the jams on this track, and it is one of my favorite songs by The White Stripes. I won't just kick mainstream rock while it's down, but I'll also kick indie rock as well. Come on folks, indie rock is stuck in a cycle that's comparable to lite 70s AM radio hits. Nobody rocks and everyone is stuck on feelings and all that crap. I need a band that knows what a distortion pedal is and uses it to create some killer music. Good work, White Stripes. Enjoy the song.       

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