Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear Prudence by The Beatles

This is John Lennon Week at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll, and the song of the day for October 11, 2012 is 'Dear Prudence' by The Beatles. This song was released in 1968 on The Beatles album which is more commonly known as The White Album.

'Dear Prudence' is a song I would play for someone who never heard anything by The Beatles because it is in my opinion one of The Beatles' finest tunes. John's lyrics are great, Paul's bass playing is lovely, and the end product is fantastic. You really can't go wrong with The Beatles/The White Album, and picking the strongest track will lead to some very spirited discussions. What I find interesting is that while I view 'Dear Prudence' as a great song for a Beatles introduction, it is featured on an album where the band was in a state of discord. I'm a firm believer that the best rock albums are recorded at a time when a band is at a low point or in the middle of complete chaos.    

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