Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween by the Misfits

Misfits Week continues at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll.I remember Halloween. Do you remember Halloween? The song of the day for October 31, 2012 is 'Halloween' by the Misfits.

I'm taking my kids around the neighborhood for Halloween and I am very excited. My son who is five will be The Flash and my daughter who is one will be a kitty cat.I too will dress up as The Flash, so I will have a Barry Allen and Wally West Flash moment with my son. That's for my comic book homies out there who read this blog.   

I remember my last Halloween where I dressed up and asked for candy. It was Halloween 1986, I was thirteen, and we had just moved to a new neighborhood. I had no intention of going out until a friend of mine in the neighborhood convinced me to go out trick-or-treating. He said the candy was awesome and he said I was a fool if I stayed home. I thought he was full of it until we stopped by our first house. A lady gave us an entire Snickers bar, and not the dinky little treat. I was amazed because my previous neighborhood was kind of cheap when it came to candy. I remember this one jackass that gave me a stick of gum from a pack of Juicy Fruit. Perhaps the most memorable house in the new neighborhood was this one where the owner was giving each person a dollar. I'm not joking. The guy must have been mental or just robbed a bank.

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