Monday, October 15, 2012

Ma-Ma-Ma Belle by ELO

Welcome to Rock the Rocktober Week at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. This week, I am selecting some fine music to make your Rocktober more enjoyable. The song of the day for October 15, 2012 is 'Ma-Ma-Ma Belle' by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), which was released in 1973 and was featured on the album On The Third Day.

I love ELO because you either are going to get a total rocker or some Beatles inspired pop tune. My first ELO album was Discovery, which was given to me as a present for my sixth birthday. Discovery featured one rocker and a bunch of Beatles inspired pop tunes that had an added dash of disco. I later discovered - pun intended - the rest of the ELO catalog, and decided to pick up a cassette of their greatest hits. I remember listening to 'Ma-Ma-Ma Belle' for the first time, and was totally impressed. As a guitar player, this was one of those songs I had to learn how to play, and it is a fun little number. Enjoy today's selection.  

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  1. I used to love this song. It had the Move raunch that made ELO great. Somewhere, ELO got a bit too overproduced for me and I stopped listening. But thanks for the flashback.