Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What The...Wednesday: You Standing There by Jandek

What The...Wednesday is a weekly series at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Every Wednesday I select something wonderfully odd from the rock and roll universe, and this week I present to you 'You Standing There' by Jandek.

You are not ready for Jandek. You think you're ready, but you are not prepared to enter the avant-garde folk universe of Jandek. Who is Jandek? Houston resident Sterling Richard Smith is believed to be Jandek due to the fact that Smith's name is credited to all of Jandek's work at the Library of Congress. Jandek has released over 60 albums on his label, Corwood Industries, since 1978 and has kept his personal information a complete secret. There are two known Jandek interviews and one was conducted in 1985 with Spin magazine. You can click here to hear some of the interview so you can understand how we know almost nothing about this artist. This week I have posted 'You Standing There', a song from his twenty-seventh album, New Town, which was released in 1998. Enjoy.     

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