Friday, August 3, 2012

Things Can Only Get Better by Howard Jones

Sometimes it takes a few weeks, months, or years for a blogger to find their true voice. I'm 99% certain I just found my voice last night during dinner. The assigned music days are gone and from this point forward, I'm posting the songs that are stuck in my head.

Every day a different song creeps into my brain and parks itself there for approximately 24 hours. The songs show up while I'm driving home from work or at the grocery store or at three in the morning when I'm lying awake in bed. Those songs eventually fade away and are replaced by another song. The cycle is never ending.

'Things Can Only Get better' by Howard Jones popped into my head last night during dinner. My wife and I were talking about the string of bad luck we've had with some minor issues around the house and with our cars. A bad alternator, a busted garage door, the inability to find a sane buyer for our mini-van, and dealing with a check engine light have been the highlights of our past few weeks. The chorus of 'Things can only get better' popped into my head and I instantly felt better. Yes, these are small things to deal with in life, and I'm aware that people are still living in tents in Haiti, people are fleeing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and some are still rebuilding their lives after tsunamis and earthquakes. I know I'm sweating the small stuff, so if you're dealing with a similar string of bad luck, then enjoy this 1985 hit from Howard Jones' Dream Into Action.    

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