Friday, August 24, 2012

Gouge Away by The Pixies

Last night, I was at the grocery store, and I saw someone wearing a 'Death To The Pixies' t-shirt. It was nice to see a fellow Pixies fan. I wanted to say, "Awesome shirt", but I chickened out and went on my way to the checkout lane.

I first heard The Pixies twenty years ago because my good friend, Ryan Dellwood, was fed up with my unabashed love of 70s classic rock. He stopped by my house one evening with a box of tapes, and one of them as 'Doolittle' by The Pixies. 'You have to hear this song', demanded Dellwood, and it was 'Gouge Away'. I was immediately hooked, and I purchased 'Doolittle' on CD a few weeks later. To this day it remains one of my favorite albums of all time.


  1. Again, someone should tell Black Frank it could be worse. But...Dellwood was right about one thing: Boston sucks.

  2. Amen. Got into this band from a metal background. The Pixies changed my view point of what music could be.