Friday, August 10, 2012

Panic by The Smiths

I had another song selected, but something happened at work that demanded an immediate change to today's Lost Soul of Rock & Roll song of the day. Once a week, I work in an office area that has a radio playing a local "mix" station. "Mix" stations play the "best" of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. The DJ at the "mix" station made a major mistake this morning when they played 'Who Let the Dogs Out?' by The Baha Men. As that horrific song started to play, I heard Morrissey, the lead singer of The Smiths, in my head singing, "Hang the DJ, hang the DJ..." Please understand that I do not want to hang the DJ in the literal sense, but I was angry that they had to play that song or someone requested 'Who Let the Dogs Out?'

The Smith's 'Panic' was a single released in 1986 and it was a reaction against the non-stop bombardment of horrific pop music by radio stations and clubs. Sadly, we are still bombarded. 'Panic' is a great song and I agree with Morrissey when he sings, "Hang the blessed DJ/ Because the music that they constantly play/ It says nothing to me about my life." I know I can turn off the radio to stop the bombardment, but is it too much to ask as a rock and roll fan to have a radio station that consistently plays good music?

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  1. The music on the radio "says nothing to me" is among the whitest of problems.