Thursday, January 31, 2013

My 90's Flashback: Neptune Ave (Ortho Hi Rise) by Sammy

This week I am sharing some of my favorite songs from the 90's, and today's selection is 'Neptune Ave (Ortho Hi Rise)' by Sammy, a New York City band. Luke Wood and Jesse Hartman were Sammy, and their 1996 debut Tales of Great Neck Glory was their last album.'Neptune Ave (Ortho Hi Rise)' is featured on that overlooked 1990's gem.

Sammy was unfairly labeled a Pavement rip-off band. I'll admit that they do have a similar sound at times, but when you listen to Sammy they are also influenced by the likes of fellow NYC rockers The Velvet Underground and Sonic Youth. In all fairness, take a look at some of your favorite 90's bands and make a list of who was ripping off The Velvet Underground or The Fall or The Beach Boys. Hell, The New York Dolls ripped off the Stones at times, but the Dolls rocked. Sammy rocked as well, kids.

I first heard 'Neptune Ave (Ortho Hi Rise)' on 120 Minutes. The Lou Reed inspired vocals by Jesse Hartman, the warm and fuzzy 90's indie guitar sounds, and the sexy hipster lyrics made this song great. I connect with this song lyrically in spots. As a History major I love the line, "Tell me a story 'cause I'm a history hound". Another good part in the song is when they break into, "What ever happened to you on this beach? What ever happened to you in that bar? What ever happened to you on the street? What ever happened to your old guitar?" Damn that's good.

This is one of many great songs on their major label debut, Tales of Great Neck Glory. As I stated earlier, this is an overlooked indie album of the 1990s because it is pretty solid from start to finish. Take a listen to the song below and enjoy. Also, you gotta dig The Soul Train Line at the end of the video.

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