Wednesday, January 30, 2013

90's Flashback: Watch The Girl Destroy Me by Possum Dixon

I worked at a record store in a mall from November of '93 until January or February of '94. My job was to stand around and help people find albums. The real reason I took the job was because of the employee discount. My boss was a guy named Jim and he was a great guy who dug indie rock. One day he asked if I liked Possum Dixon and I had no idea what was talking about. He found the album and told me I had to buy it because it was fantastic.

I took Jim's advice and purchased Possum Dixon's eponymous debut. Jim suggested a great album because I immediately fell in love with the frantic music and witty lyrics of Possum Dixon. The opening track, 'Nerves', has a memorable line that goes, 'The girl's on glue when the rent check's due'. That's poetry right there, kids.

The song I've selected for today's post is 'Watch The Girl Destroy Me', which was the big college rock "hit" from their debut album. Possum Dixon always sounded like the coked-up older brothers of Weezer. They were cool, but you always felt that they were on the verge of an epic meltdown.

Possum Dixon formed in LA circa 1989 and released three albums from 1993 until 1998. Their first album is my favorite and it is a wild smart ass adventure into the odd part of this world known as Los Angeles. Possum Dixon blends pop and punk to create a truly unique sound. Take a listen to 'Watch The Girl Destroy Me' and enjoy.

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