Tuesday, January 29, 2013

90's Flashback: Alright by Cast

While the US was cranking out grunge rock, the Brits were cranking out the Britpop. Blur, Oasis, Pulp, and Suede delivered a style of music that was inspired by the British Invasion and punk. Cast was a Britpop act that debuted in 1995 with All Change. The song I have selected for today is the opening track 'Alright'.  

Cast was formed by John Power (The La's) and Peter Wilkinson (Shack). If The La's sound familiar as a band name then you will probably remember their hit song 'There She Goes Again'. If you watch the clip then Power is the dude playing bass. Cast was a Britpop favorite during the 90's and they released four albums before a 2001 split. Cast reformed in 2010 and has released a fifth studio album. 

I first heard 'Alright' by Cast on 120 Minutes in 1995 and was immediately hooked by this guitar driven song. Blur's Modern Life is Rubbish was a favorite of mine at the time, plus I was in a major Beatles and Stones appreciation phase. I purchased All Change and was really impressed by their poppy guitar driven music. 'Alright' might be 90's Britpop, but it does have a timeless sound that will appeal to fans who dig The British Invasion. Enjoy.

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