Friday, November 30, 2012

Echoes by Pink Floyd

The Extra Long Week at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll ends today. I hope you've enjoyed some rock classics that go into the ten, fifteen, or twenty minute mark. The albatross is motionless above me this morning. The song of the day for November 30, 2012 is 'Echoes' by Pink Floyd. This twenty three minute song is featured on the 1971 album, Meddle.

I decided to use the 1972 Live at Pompeii version of 'Echoes' for today's selection. Live at Pompeii is a must see movie in my opinion if you are a fan of Pink Floyd. It is a concert film, but there are no fans at the performance. Pink Floyd haters love that last sentence.As far as rock concert films go, I must admit that Live at Pompeii just might be the best of the bunch.

Is there a rock band out there today that performs without their shirts? This seems to be a lost art in my opinion. There was a time when a rocker dude could show up at a concert only wearing a pair of jeans. That was acceptable. If that were to happen today then there might be some outrage or perhaps some concern over the mental state of the shirtless rocker.

As a fan of Pink Floyd, I must show some love to Meddle. 'One of These Days', 'San Tropez', and 'Echoes' are my top tracks from the album. Although 'Echoes' goes past the twenty minute mark, it is an enjoyable rock experience. Floyd's hit the twenty minute mark in other songs, and I'm going to give the title to 'Echoes' for being the best extra long track for the band. Enjoy.

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