Monday, December 3, 2012

Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas by Eels

December is Christmas Rocks at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. I love Rock and Roll and I love Christmas music, so I decided to combine the two and rock out for an entire month. Baby Jesus was born to rock. The song of the day for December 3, 2012 is 'Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas' by the Eels.

It was early December some nine years ago when a guy on a music mailing list asked if anyone wanted a mix CD of Christmas tunes. I emailed the guy and a few weeks later the CD arrived. It had thirty great rock and roll Christmas tunes, plus there was a secret bonus song which was 'Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas'. I didn't know who performed the song, but I did an internet search and found out it was the Eels.

Do you remember the Eels? They had the 90s alternative hit, 'Novocaine for the Soul'. That was a song I heard once and it was one time too many.

'Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas' is a really cool up-tempo rocker. The video below was the only one I could find on YouTube. If you are a fan of the Eels and love The O.C. then you are in for a treat. Enjoy.

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  1. FWIW: The Cohen's (and Ryan Atwood) celebrate Christmukkah.