Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Silent Night by The Dickies

Christmas Rocks at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. All is calm and all is bright. The song of the day for December 5, 2012 is The Dickies cover of 'Silent Night'. This was released in 1978 as a single.

Southern California punk and a Christmas classic? Yes! 'Silent Night' was written during the early 19th Century in Austria by Joseph Mohr and the music was composed by Franz Gruber. The Dickies are considered to be one of the first Southern California punk bands that formed during the late 1970s. Take a classic Christmas song, give it a Ramones like punch, and you have a fun song. Enjoy!

While The Dickies did a great job of covering 'Silent Night', let's see who is out there in YouTube land covering this classic.

First is user ArrtiG who decides to drop an acoustic cover on us. I like that this dude looks like a Jonas brother but decides to give us some Damien Rice flavor. Very nice.

Micki and Debs, aka DaViglio, also have an acoustic version as well. They also do a very good job. I dig the Wonder Woman poster in the background. Girl power!

Listen to the Hawaiian version of 'Silent Night', which is very cool.

Here is a nice instrumental version by HubbardSax. I like the dude sitting in the back wearing the Bill Cosby approved sweater.I'm wondering if the guy in the back wants to be in the video or is waiting patiently to use the computer. If he's waiting to use the computer, then I wonder if he is thinking, "Hey Kenny G, get off the damn computer so I can check my fantasy football stats!"


  1. TonyDoug is a dickie.

    1. Mr. Brookes is part of the war on Christmas! Beware! ;)