Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You by Billy Squier

Christmas Rocks at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. I want my MTV! The song of the day for December 10, 2102 is 'Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You' by Billy Squier. This song was released in 1981 and was the B-side to 'My Kind of Lover'.

I see you, Nina Blackwood. I see you, Martha Quinn. I see you, J.J. Jackson. I see you, Mark Goodman. Where is Alan Hunter? This song may bring a tear or two to the eyes of Generation X readers who remember the days when MTV played music. Sorry for the poor video quality, but this is the best I could find of Billy rocking with the MTV crew in 1981.

Billy Squier has brought some hits and some major misses in his career. 'Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You' is a hit in my opinion, and I decided to select this song after hearing my favorite Squier song, 'Lonely Is The Night', on the radio yesterday. That was a great example of Billy's hits. Now, let me show you his infamous miss. Enjoy!

Let's take a look at our YouTube brothers and sisters who have tried to cover this Billy classic. let's see who does a good job and who pulls a 'Rock Me Tonite'.

Here is a cover from Louden Swain, a band from L.A. You can learn more about the band here, and I say they did a good job with their cover.

This cover is from Nahaniel Kinsey's Christmas album. Nahaniel turns the metal to 11 with this cover.

That's all I could find, kids. Have a good day!

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