Friday, November 16, 2012

Hypnotize by the Notorious B.I.G.

Hip Hop Week has come to an end at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Where are my Detroit players? The song of the day for November 16, 2012 is 'Hypnotize' by the Notorious B.I.G. This song was released posthumously in 1996 and was featured on the Life After Death Album.

I've always liked this song, and I have a fond memory of it to share with the Lost Soul crowd. I'm a big fan of the band Blur, and had the opportunity to see them live in Cincinnati, Ohio back in '97 at The Garage. From this point forward, I am referring to Cincinnati as The Nasty, so pay attention. My good friend Ryan Dellwood lived in The Nasty, found out about the show, and purchased our tickets. That summer, Dellwood and I had made an epic trip to Ireland and the U.K.. Blur's self-titled album was the hotness over there and we spent our entire trip singing 'On Your Own'. Anyway, I drove down to The Nasty, met up with Dellwood, and he decided it would be best to take a cab to the show. We flagged down a cab that was a Lincoln Continental driven by some guy in his late 70s who had 'Hypnotize' blasting out of his car stereo. It was one of the coolest cab rides I have ever had in my life. On another good note, we were late for the show and missed the opening act which was Smash Mouth. Enjoy the clip below.

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