Thursday, November 29, 2012

Supper's Ready by Genesis

The Extra Long Week at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll is almost over, but your supper's waiting for you. The song of the day for November 29, 2012 is 'Supper's Ready' by Genesis. This twenty-two minute epic is featured on the 1972 album, Foxtrot.

Many fans know Genesis from the 1980s Phil Collins pop era. 'Misunderstanding', 'Turn it on Again', 'Abacab' and 'Invisible Touch' are some of my favorites from the Phil years, but I must admit that I've had a very tough time liking the Peter Gabriel progressive rock version of Genesis. I know some of my fellow rock scholars love The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Foxtrot, but I've tried to like those albums. Seriously. I've given them a chance, but they just don't do anything for me as a listener.

The reason I chose 'Supper's ready' is because that seems to be the one Genesis song from the Gabriel era that I like. Yes, it is twenty-two minutes and I encourage those with a fondness for progressive rock to hit play below. For those of you that are adventurous or want to experience the Gabriel era of Genesis then give it a shot.  

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