Monday, November 19, 2012

Tipp City by The Amps

This is Ohio Week at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll because I am traveling to Ohio this week to celebrate Thanksgiving. Stop drinking my beer! The song of the day for November 19, 2012 is 'Tipp City' by The Amps, which is featured on their debut album, Pacer.

The first time I saw the The Amps, they opened for Guided by Voices at the infamous 1995 'Benefit for the Winos' show at Gilly's in Dayton, Ohio. The Amps featured Kim Deal (guitar and vocals), Nate Farley (guitar), Luis Lerma (bass), and Jim Macpherson (drums). They rocked Gilly's with songs like 'Pacer' and 'Tipp City'. I had the opportunity to see The Amps play a few shows in the Dayton, Ohio area, and they were never disappointing live. Nate Farley and Jim Macpherson later joined Guided by Voices.

Tipp City is about 20 minutes from my hometown of Springfield, Ohio, and I'm pretty certain I've never visited the city formerly known as Tippecanoe. The video below gives an accurate representation of the city where chicks with big hair cruise around in a Camaro. I think that's a Camaro. It's hard to remember all of those popular 80's cruisin' cars. Enjoy.  

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