Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love Song by Tesla

Hair Metal Week will never die at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Love is all around you, my faithful followers. The song of the day for November 7, 2012 is 'Love Song' by Tesla. This song was a major hit for the band in 1989, and was on the album The Great Radio Controversy

Ah, Tesla. I was a fan of this band back in the day. Five Man Acoustical Jam was on heavy rotation when I was a senior in high school. 'Love Song' was one of those popular hair metal ballads, and I'm certain there is some guy in the middle of a midlife crisis rocking out to this song right now in his Camaro. I like this song, but sometimes I can do without the minute and a half intro. It's cool, but someone in the recording studio should have taken charge and said, "Cut that intro shit in half, bro". Enjoy.

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