Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What The...Wednesday: TVs From Outer Space by Butch Willis and The Rocks

What The...Wednesday is another new weekly series at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Every Wednesday I will select something wonderfully odd from the rock and roll universe. My first selection of What The...Wednesday is 'TVs From Outer Space' by Butch Willis and The Rocks.

Spinal Tap gave us some memorable moments and one of my favorite moments is when the band discovers that there is a fine line between stupid and clever. After viewing Butch Willis and The Rocks' 'TVs From Outer Space', I have put these guys into the rock and roll realm of clever for their unique but energetic performance. I completely understand that taste is subjective, but the circa 1986 clip posted below is a fine example of why bands get together in the first place; they want to rock. Yes, Butch looks and dresses like the younger brother of Jake the Snake Roberts and yes, the guy next to him is karate chopping his throat, but you will never forget 'TVs From Outer Space'.

Butch Willis is an outsider rocker from the Washington D.C. area and is the composer of some memorable tunes such as 'Pizza On My Jeans'. 'Outsider' is a term applied to musical acts that perform music their way with no apologies. Other artists that fall into this category are R. Stevie Moore and Daniel Johnston. Don't worry folks, I have a whole arsenal of outsider rock music waiting to be unleashed on the masses. So click the video below and enjoy 'TVs From Outer Space' by Butch Willis and The Rocks.

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