Thursday, July 26, 2012

Turn It To Eleven Thursday: Killed by Death by Motorhead

Turn It To Eleven Thursday is another new column at The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Every Thursday, I will select a gem from the world of hard rock and heavy metal for your listening enjoyment.

My first selection is 'Killed By Death' by Motorhead because it is awesome. Released in 1984, 'Killed By Death' is definitely on my top five list of greatest Motorhead songs and the video for 'Killed By Death' has all of the requirements for a heavy metal video. Angry parents who hate rock and roll? Check. Forty year-old chick trying to play a teenager? Check. Lemmy crashing through the living room wall on a motorcycle, and then giving the family the bird? Check. Evil cops who hate rock and roll and have the worst aim ever? Check. The obligatory live performance? Check. Lemmy getting electrocuted and then coming back from the dead via his motorcycle? Check.

Also, how can a song go wrong with the title 'Killed By Death'? Turn this one to eleven.

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