Monday, July 16, 2012

The Quality of Armor by Guided by Voices

You were finding God in the dictionary
Taking photographs in the cemetery

'Propeller' (1992) was a last-ditch effort by Guided By Voices to achieve success. An initial pressing of 500 albums with hand made covers were sent out to gain national attention for the band and it worked. 'Propeller' features some real rock and roll anthems like 'Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox', 'Lethargy', and 'The Quality of Armor'. What I love about 'The Quality of Armor' is that it is an all-out rocker that blends the British invasion, garage rock, and punk rock. It's hard not to to listen to this song in the car and not shout out, "Oh yeah I'm going to drive my car! Oh yeah I'm going to go real far!" Enjoy!

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