Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thumbtack by Bob Mould

 Here's the town we live in
This is how the land lays out
I bought a map
So I could find my way around

A couple moves to a city, so one of them buys a map so they can find their way around the city, and the end result is heartbreak. Bob Mould's 'Thumbtack' is one of my personal favorites from his solo career. Featured on the highly underrated Bob Mould album, which was released in 1996, 'Thumbtack' is simply a tragedy played on an acoustic guitar. 

I know some Mould fans who are highly critical of his post Husker Du career, but Mould has released some great albums as Sugar and as Bob Mould. His solo acoustic shows are amazing and I really respect the guy for doing his own thing as an artist.The only clip I could find was from a 2010 performance, which sounds great. Enjoy!

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