Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roadrunner by Bo Diddley

 I'm a roadrunner, baby, and you can't keep up with me

 Mazda used this song in one of their car commercials recently and I experienced one of those moments where I thought I knew the song, but wasn't completely sure. I knew the artist was Bo Diddley, so I did some research and discovered it was a live version of his 1960 hit, 'Roadrunner'. OK, this is an awesome 12-bar blues jam, but this live performance from the 1972 London Rock and Roll Show is a must watch due to the crazy greasers in the crowd. We have the dudes at the beginning who refuse to dance until their hair is combed, but the best person in the crowd can be found at the 1:03 mark. That greaser looks like Igor from Young Frankenstein. I'd rather hang with that crowd in the Bo Diddley video than with a bunch of slam dancing buffoons. Wait. Hold on, folks. Sorry, but I couldn't post anything else until I combed my hair. Where's my leather jacket? 

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