Friday, June 8, 2012

Everyone Choose Sides by The Wrens

I'm the best 17 year old ever

I'm a huge fan of The Two Headed Nerd, a weekly podcast dedicated to comic books and all things related. Hosted by Matt and Joe, this podcast is one of the best out there and this Lost Soul of Rock and Roll is a huge fan. I was listening to a Two Headed Nerd podcast in April, and while Matt and Joe were discussing something comic book related, they had a song playing in the background that grabbed my attention. I had to know who the artist was, and fortunately for Two Headed Nerd, they list the songs they play during the podcast.

The song was called 'Everyone Choose Sides' by The Wrens, a rock band from New Jersey,  and is featured on their 2003 album The Meadowlands. I found the song on YouTube and it has been on heavy rotation since. How did I miss this album in 2003? The Lost Soul of Rock and Roll has no excuse, but better late than never. If anyone says that indie rock doesn't rock then let them hear the anthemic 'Everyone Choose Sides' and they'll shut their pie-holes.

'Everyone Choose Sides' reminds me of a Guided by Voices tune, and that's a major plus to this Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. I've had the opportunity to listen to more of The Wrens and what I like about this band is that they have the right rock and roll education. They have digested some good stuff and that inspired them to make great rock and roll music. This is how it's done, kids. 

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