Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ah! Leah! by Donnie Iris

I see your lips and wonder who's been kissin' them
I never knew how badly I was missin' them

Donnie Iris' hit, 'Ah! Leah!', made it to #29 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart in 1980 and has become a staple of classic rock radio. Prior to his success with 'Ah! Leah!', Iris was a member of The Jaggerz, a band he had a #1 hit with 'The Rapper', and Wild Cherry during their post 'Play That Funky Music' days. Iris is still in the music business and usually performs shows in Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

'Ah! Leah!' is a personal favorite and I listen to this power chord rocker at least once a week on my MP3 player. I've embedded the classic video where Iris is wearing a yellow prom tux while posing for a photographer. Leah seems interested in Iris at times but then she disappears. In the end, Iris is left alone with his tux.

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  1. I have loved this song forever, it seems...But there's something a little, er, OFF about Leah...