Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Song #8 On My MP3 Player - 18 Wheels by The Murder City Devils (Explicit Lyrics)

Someone sent me a copy of The Murder City Devil's 1998 album Empty Bottles, Broken Hearts as a gift years ago for some reason. '18 Wheels' is the third track on the album and it is the eighth song on my MP3 player. The Murder City Devils are a rock band from Seattle, Washington that has released two EPs and four LPs.

'18 Wheels' is on my MP3 player because it is a kick ass rock song that gets me motivated to do things like mow the lawn or move boxes at work. This song is what the kids refer to as garage punk because it has the 60's garage sound mixed with Spencer Moody's angry as hell vocals. You can't go wrong with a track like '18 Wheels'. Give it a listen, but this song does drop the f-bomb at times, so don't blast this one at your cubicle at work.  

TonyDoug Wright is the Lost Soul of Rock and Roll. Check out his webcomic The Red Devil because it is totally awesome

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