Friday, July 26, 2013

Song #5 On My MP3 Player: Overkill by Colin Hay

Listed as '03- Overkill' on my MP3 player, this acoustic version by Colin Hay was released in 2003 on his Man @ Work album. Colin Hay was the lead singer of Men at Work, an Australian 80's pop band that won the 1983 Grammy for Best New Artist. 'Overkill' was originally released in 1983 on their album Cargo.

I'm a big fan of Men at Work and I believe one should not write them off as a goofy 80's band. Their catalog is pretty damn good and Colin Hay can really craft a fine pop song. 'Overkill' is my favorite Men at Work song, and I really love the stripped down acoustic version. The true test of any song is to see if it sounds good acoustically. If you write a song and it doesn't sound good on an acoustic guitar then it sucks. 'Overkill' doesn't suck.

"Overkill' is on my MP3 player because it is a good song for me to hear when I feel stressed out or overwhelmed because I'm sweating the small stuff. Music is what I use to get through some tough times, and 'Overkill' definitely gets me back on track. I think this is a wonderful song and I hope you enjoy it as well.

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