Monday, July 29, 2013

Song #6 On My MP3 Player: Evergreen Memorial Drive by Nova Mob

Yes, it's another Nova Mob track. If you have not been following this MP3 series then click here to get a brief history of Nova Mob. This song is listed as '13 - Evergreen Memorial Drive' on my MP3 player and is one of two hidden tracks from the 1991 album The Last Days of Pompeii. 'Evergreen Memorial Drive' is an amazing song and it is a shame that this is a hidden track because it is another great effort by this Grant Hart project.

'Evergreen Memorial Drive' is a great example of a song that ends an album on a high note. The tempo for this song is somewhat slow, but everything builds up to a great moment where the listener is given a great rock song. Take a listen and enjoy.

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